Gold ring with realistic look

Hello, I have created a gold ring with MeshPhysicalMaterial and added a envMap to make it more realistic ( However, I would like to have a look like this:

Since the ring is supposed to be shown to customers so its look is my priority. Please guide me to reach a better look (even if I need to use shaderMaterial). I really appreciate it. Thank you.

The first thing you should do is to use a real environment map in cube map format. Use this example as a starter template to see the intended visual output:

Right now, you are using the following texture for all sides of your cube texture which is not correct.

Besides, use MeshStandardMaterial instead of MeshPhysicalMaterial. I don’t think you need the clear coat features for a golden ring (pure metals normally don’t use this shading model see here).

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That first image looks like it’s using some sort of photography studio environment map. You could download some similar free HDRIs here:

Once you have selected an env map of your liking, you can convert it into a Three.JS-friendly cubemap with this helpful tool that @MateuszWis built:

Also, the yellow you’re using doesn’t really look like gold. I recommend a more creamy-orange color. Maybe #ffcc88 would look closer to the sample image.