Going from FlyControls.enabled=true to OrbitControls.enabled=true jumps the view around :(

live demo at NicerApp WebOS Unified Interface
single click somewhere (not on a mesh though), to go to FlyControls.
drag the mouse cursor around to change the flight trajectory.
but when you let go of the mouse button, the view will jump around. :frowning:
source-codes are at
NicerApp-WebOS-v6.y.z/NicerAppWebOS/logic.vividUserInterface/v6.y.z/3D/na3D.js at a22eceb26b29582b6430e600495f76c0ada50e4a 路 NicerEnterprises/NicerApp-WebOS-v6.y.z 路 GitHub
NicerApp-WebOS-v6.y.z/NicerAppWebOS/logic.vividUserInterface/v6.y.z/3D/na3D.js at e00d84f3557cbc84c5c334d9cea3766aabc0e001 路 NicerEnterprises/NicerApp-WebOS-v6.y.z 路 GitHub

i now use only FlyControls, and set it鈥檚 .movementSpeed to 0 when that鈥檚 above 0 and the mouse button is released, which allows for about the same functionality as OrbitControls.

but that does not mean that the jumping around of the view has ended :frowning:

also, FlyControls always 鈥渨ants鈥 to move to the 0,0,0 coordinate, and that鈥檚 where i have a cube encased in a sphere, which jumps around the view in a jittering fashion when that coordinate is reached. :frowning:

i could really use some help here again.

my sources are MIT-licensed and published at GitHub - NicerEnterprises/NicerApp-WebOS-v6.y.z