FlyControls .dragToLook does not work :(

at NicerApp WebOS Unified Interface, i am working on a 3D file and folder browser, but i’m currently stuck at getting FlyControls.dragToLook to work properly… after holding the left mouse button for a second, movement of the 3D cursor should be handed over to FlyControls (and it is, as evidenced by the debugger statement in the animation routine).

when debugging the source for FlyControls, i can see the Quarternion getting applied, but the view of the data does not rotate :frowning:

i could really use some help here…

PS : oh, and you may need to refresh the page after initially loading it, there’s some other more minor bug at play there as well

    t.flyControls.rollSpeed = Math.PI / 24; // default is 0.005

i had this set to it’s default, changed it and the current code works well now :smiley: