GLTFExporter exporting model that show nothing at android Scene Viewer

Hi to all, some problem with exported model. Everything is ok, when i export models without boolean operations, but when model is result of subtraction (made with three-csg": “^1.0.6”), model isn’t displayed at android Scene Viewer (, but still displayed fine at

three js version - “0.115.0”, model in attachment merged.gltf (53.9 KB)

but with the latest version 0.116.1 same result.

I see something.

maybe the problem is the android scene viewer
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It looks like this is the case. The asset is also rendered fine using BabylonJS sandbox.

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@seanwasere, @Mugen87, thanks for the quick answers, i’ll try to ask somebody from ‘android scene viewer’ side. I will inform.

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boolean operation is nothing to do with it, simple cube created and exported with three js is not displayed too. pure cube.gltf (2.5 KB)

const meshA = new THREE.Mesh(new THREE.BoxGeometry(1,1,1));
meshA.geometry = new THREE.BufferGeometry().fromGeometry(<THREE.Geometry>meshA.geometry);

attribute color is deleted cause: [Error]
The glTF contains a vertex color, which is not supported by the Scene Viewer specification.

but if use

const meshA = new THREE.Mesh(new THREE.BoxBufferGeometry(1,1,1));

cube is displayed
cube2.gltf (2.3 KB)

@Mugen87 , Hi again, could you tell me please about indexed and non-indexed geometry. Here ‘brianpeiris’ mentions ’ that Scene Viewer also doesn’t like that the geometry is non-indexed’.

And as i wrote above, BoxGeometry is not displayed BOX.gltf (4.9 KB) , but BoxBufferGeometry is displayed fine cube2.gltf (2.3 KB)

The differences not so big, but only GLTF from BoxBufferGeometry has ‘indices’ property image
is that sign of indexed geometry ?
and how i can make the BoxGeometry look like BoxBufferGeometry with indices property ?

BufferGeometryUtils.toTrianglesDrawMode(meshA.geometry, THREE.TriangleStripDrawMode);

does something similar on what i want, but simple subtract cube from cube looks no good:

Triangle.gltf (739.0 KB)

This function is unrelated to this issue. three.js can only export glTF assets with non-indexed geometry.

However, it was possible to do this in the past. The experimental option forceIndices was removed from GLTFExporter with r116 (see You can try to use three.js and GLTFExporter from r115 and set forceIndices to true.

Nevertheless, this is a really an issue in the viewer and that was one reason why this option was removed from the exporter.

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thank you very much :star_struck: