GLTF performance help

Hello, im working on a project with threejs and i have to load the same GLTF Model a lot of times but this is letting the performance very bad and FPS very low, what can i do to better the performance?

Here is a sample of what im doing:

Looking just at the Painel_1v_30.gltf model for now, it contains 1537 bones and 48 meshes. The model seems to be reused several times in the scene. However, its animation seems quite simple: if it weren’t for that animated cable underneath the panel, it would need <10 bones, or none at all, and might only have a couple meshes. With the panels in the distance like that, I would suggest removing the cable entirely, and merging the panels down to just 1-2 meshes apiece. Doing that in Blender would probably be easiest.

Bones highlighted below:


Thank you so much for the help, now it is working a lot better!

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