glTF model not loaded properly

I am new to three.js. I am having the normals issue.

Image uploaded below is taken from sketchfab seems to have correct normals…

Image below is taken from three.js seems to have normals issue…
I don’t know what causing the problem.

Can you please share the model in this thread?

I cannot share this model to anyone but normals seems to show correctly in Babylon.js. I don’t know what causing the normal issue in three.js.

Without more information it’s hard to help you further.

Due to licence issue I cannot share it but below link is the model were i get from

thank you for your reply…

Below Image shows same model loaded in the Babylon.js. I am using .glb format for loading the model in both three.js and babylon.js.



Okay, it’s good to know that you have this issue with GLTFLoader. Do you see the same problem when loading the model in the following viewer?

No. there is no problem with the give link.


Thank you for the link…
I use the gltf loader in the given link to check if the model is loading correctly and I’ll inform you.
Thank you for your reply…

The viewer actually uses the latest three.js version with the respective GLTFLoader. Using the same code will probably solve your issue :+1:

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Problem still appear while loading the model.
even in this link when you switch-off the lights the problem is visible…


Thank you for your time…

@donmccurdy Um, do you know what’s going on with that model?

@Sabhareesh_AK do you mean that on, the model looks right initially, but if you turn the lights off the problem appears again?

Would you be able to share the model privately over email, perhaps?

Yes I can share it via email.

Could i have the model as well? I’d like to see it.

The model is not my property to share to others.I got permission to share to one person. Sorry @pailhead.
But thankyou for showing interest to this question.

No problem, just trying to help. Wonder if its similar to this:

My guess is that the tangents there are flipped where they shouldnt be. I saw the normal a bit in the sketch fab viewer but im too lazy to reverse engineer stuff :slight_smile:

There looks to be a seam right down the center of the sole in the back.

If you can share the model with, I’ll take a look at the issue. Because it’s a paid model for sale, I think you’re correct in not wanting to post it on a forum…

I’m hoping the problem is related to, and that using the tangents will fix it, but that’s just a guess.

Yes you are right, it’s a tangent problem but some how sketchfab and Babylon js show the model correctly. I tried importing in blender and check but the problem appears in the blender too…