GLTF loader, specify different paths for the gltf and bin files

In the gltf file there is a node buffers that contains a URI to the bin files. Is there any way to intercept the moment when the loader will try to download the bin files?
Usually these files are located at the same level, but in my case I would like to store the bin files in a different path.
Is this achievable without modifying the gltf file?

You can try to create and instance of LoadingManager and then use the setURLModifier() method which allows you to modify URLs of the asset’s resources. Don’t forget to pass the loading manager to the loader’s constructor.

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I think setResourcePath can also be used for this, if the .bin file is in the same directory as any textures.

I played with this and I made it work. Thanks for letting me know. I have one suggestion that you might consider or not. I asked a question on SO about this.

I have the gltf and bin files in a cloud service. When retrieving them, I’m using some query parameters that authorize me (that’s the way sadly, no Authorization header). What happens is that if I pass the URL to the gltf file as it needs to be (i.e. host/pathToGltfFile?<someQueryParams>) the download goes through and it is successful. But when the parser gets to the buffers node it gets the path to the bin from there but for some reason it drops all query params, basically turning the URL to host/pathToBin which is invalid in my case.

I do not have enough insight to see the reasoning behind this, but IMO it should only tweak the pathname from the url and leave the rest as it is.

It’s resolving the URL in the same way web browser would resolve CSS or image files from an HTML page – relative to the page’s path, but not copying query or hash params. I think setURLModifier would be the way to go for more control of that.

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