Gltf loader and image textures

I’m new here, but I’ve love and use three from the start.
I am facing a problem for the first time, I have updated an old project that loads models through the GLTF loader, specifically when I imported the models I was able to retrieve the name, currentSrc,ecc… but now I can only retrieve the name of the material but not the relative texture associated with that material.
Am I doing something wrong?
I would need to have a reference or link to the applied texture, I find it strange that it is no longer possible to retrieve it … as it is loaded, the images are there and I cannot find any errors in the console.
Can someone help me?
thanks in advice

could we see the code where you retrieved the texture and it used to work once?

Hi there, in the previous version of this app I used “” to get the current image applied to the selected mesh.
Now if I check the json from the Gltf import I can find the materials with all its textures, but without reference to the images
This file is compressed with draco.
If I check I can find only “userData: {mimeType: ‘image / jpeg’}”

I really need to retrieve the name of the images.
I can find them all inside the
GLTFParser json.images, but I don’t know who they refer to :sweat_smile: