GLTF - Get model world position after centering

Using the following code to centre my GLTF model in the scene, so the local position of the model becomes something like (360,7,1525) but I know the scene position is (0,0,0). However every iteration of .getWorldPosition() or .localToWorld() returns the local object position. Any help much appreciated!

Unfortunately I can’t re-centre each GLTF in blender prior as there are lots of models.

Following code used for centering:

//Set Scale
this.model.scale.set(this.scale, this.scale, this.scale)
//Center Object
const box = new THREE.Box3().setFromObject( this.model  );
const center = box.getCenter( new THREE.Vector3() );
this.model.position.x += ( this.model.position.x - center.x );
this.model.position.y = 7;
this.model.position.z += ( this.model.position.z - center.z );