Glowing Icoshadron Geometry

I wanted to create a brightly glowing Icoshadron Geometry in Three.js. I could not get any code to create such a glow. So i appended the Icoshadron Geometry (using MeshStandardMaterial with opacity .5) into a Group & added 27 lights on it using a for loop. It gave me a nice result but it is insanely slow. I want to rotate the Icoshadron so i am rotating the Group but it is animating at <1fps. I am sure that the lights must be removed but what should i do instead to get the glow. (somewhat like infinity stones but even brighter & enlarged)

Maybe you need a bloom effect?

If you only need brightness, but not blooming, you may use excessive colors (above (1,1,1)), emission, textures (maps, light maps, environment maps).

Can you give me a minimal code to implement it on a Icoshadron geometry. I am a beginner & dont understand what is for what in that example.

I would highly recommend to study the code of the official example and to try to make a bloom effect by yourself. This is the best way to learn this technique.

Anyway, here is some minimal code (with Three.js r153):



Thank you. I have finally implemented it.