GLB not shown correctly in Three JS, but correct in donmccurdy viewer

I created a 3d model in Blender(I am completely new, so, saw a tutorial related to swimming pool), exported a .glb file.(download), but, when I try to import this using three js, the bottom of pool goes missing. However, the model is shown correctly in donmccurdy’s viewer.

The above one is how it is appearing with my code. Below is how I want it to appear:

I need to update the images using TextureLoader(). Can anyone help me regarding this?

GLB not shown correctly in Three JS

When importing the glTF asset into the three.js editor it also renders as expected. I’ve just added a HDR environment map for lighting.

It seems something goes wrong when you replace the textures of the glTF asset. You have to share your code so it’s possible to investigate the issue. A live example would be best, otherwise try sharing your app as a GitHub repo.

Thanks for the reply. I found the issue. I had copied the code for three js and there was a code for a plane, which was intersecting the pool and not showing the base. I have fixed it now.