GLB model auto-exported from Grasshopper not able to view on gltf viewer


I’m trying to load a glb model with the texture from grasshopper. However, I’m unable to view it in the online gltf viewer for some reason. test3.glb (809.7 KB)

I’m new to creating the glb and gltf files. Can anyone advise me on what could be wrong here in this file?

In gltf-viewer you can click the bottom left corner pop-up to see what’s causing the issue. Your file seems to be using an outdated glb format:

(glTF / glb version has to be 2.0 or higher to work with three.)

You can upgrade the model to glTF v2 using the gltf-pipeline tool. Models may not keep their materials, if they used the GLSL shaders included in some v1 glTF files, but this one looks OK to me:

test3.v2.glb (782.4 KB)

I would also suggest filing a bug on Shape Diver, since very few tools use glTF v1 and it would be best for them to upgrade to v2.

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