GIDI (MIDI + ThreeJS for live events)

GIDI is a free, open source web application which incorporates MIDI messages and ThreeJS to display visual feedback in relation to what a musician is playing.

How to Use

  1. Plug in a MIDI device
  2. Go to
  3. Select your instrument from Pad or Synth
  4. Start playing

Please collaborate on GitHub

Thanks for sharing. I have no MIDI device (and I have never seen one). Would it be possible to use GIDI with some simulation, e.g. by uploading a MIDI file?

From graphical perspective, some of the texts do not scale well when the window size is changed:

hi thank you for the feedback, I’ll look into the option of uploading MIDI files as I’d overlooked this but can see the benefit of it’s use.

I’ll also look into making it more scalable :slight_smile:

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I’ve added scalability :slight_smile:

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