Audio should moves dat.gui sliders

Hello Guys, I’m looking for a solution in which the music or its waveform move the sliders of the datGui. Does three.js have a usable approach to solve the problem? Thanks for good ideas.

Hi @Mugen87, sorry, without a solution (which I am still looking for) I can not provide you any code, except something that does not benefit anyone. if there is not a betther answer, they should delete the post.

Can you please explain this sentence a bit. It’s not clear to me what you mean.

What have you tried so far? Are you looking for a way to move the GUI, or to read the volume at all?

You can certainly move the GUI sliders automatically. Something like this:

var data = { volume: 0.0 }
var gui = new dat.GUI();
var control = gui.add( data, 'volume', 0, 100 ).listen();
setInterval(() => data.volume++, 1000);

Note the .listen() use there.

As far as reading volume from a music file, I think you’ll have look around as that isn’t really a three.js question.

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Hello, thank you for your efforts. I think, you all know Siri or Alexa. I’ve created a custom language robot through a usable API. Now I try to transfer the speech output to an avatar so that it moves. So if the audio output could move the sliders of the datGui, the rest is done quickly. The datGui serves me only as a bridge. later I can make the connection directly.

It’s still not clear to me what information you want to map to the UI elements of the dat.gui control. Is it the volume or the current playtime? Or do you want to visualize the frequency data of the audio like in the following example?

@Mugen87, I want to transfer the rashes of the waveform to the slider of the datGui. The example shows the waves, that’s a good approach. There should be something like that Papagayo I’m only interested to know, which tool would be best suited for this.