Getting Undefined vertexUv warnings using mix of materials

I’m trying to render a model that has both textured and non textured surfaces. To do that, I’ve used multiple materials, one material has a texture, one doesn’t. However, Three.js doesn’t seem happy about this, and barrages my console with warnings, causing a noticeable performance issue. Literally takes ten times longer than the code that follows that just adds empty vectors, and this is for only 135 untextured faces. See attached image.

I guess to me this seems like an actual bug in the code. All it does is up front check to see if there are any face uvs. If there are, it treats your entire geometry as having to use them

var hasFaceVertexUv = faceVertexUvs[ 0 ] && faceVertexUvs[ 0 ].length > 0;

Why instead wouldn’t it check while looping through the faces, and do a per-face check to see if vertex uvs exist for that face (which it does do also do, just then throws the warning too)? Or even check to see if that geometry contains any non-texture materials before warning? Is a mix of textured and non-texture material just something that three doesn’t support well? Or is this truly a bug?

I’m new to three.js so wanted to get community input before opening a bug, or to see if there was something else I should do instead.