Get mesh coordinates from OBJ model

Hello, I am trying to get coordinates of OBJ model. image
These coordinates I need to get. How can I do that?

Thanks for reply.

You could implement a mouse interaction in your application and then use raycasting to determine the intersection point at specific surface locations. There are multiple official examples that demonstrate how to implement such intersection tests e.g.:

I have info about vertex.
nosies_galas = 5147
left_ear_top = 3268
right_ear_top = 1377
left_nose = 1006
right_nose = 2909
How to get coordinates?

This is not a 3D coordinate. Is this an index into the vertex buffer?

yes, it’s obj vertex from mesh

Try it with:

const positionAttribute = geometry.getAttribute( 'position' );

const vertex = new THREE.Vector3();
vertex.fromBufferAttribute( positionAttribute, nosies_galas ); // nosies_galas has a value of 5147

The geometry variable represents the geometry of your OBJ mesh.