Get center of fbx bone object in world coordinates

I want to rotate a camera around the center of my model’s head (which is an fbx bone). For this I got the position of the fbx bone using .position, however, I see that this position is relative to the parent, and it’s not really the center. So how do I get the true center position (relative to the world) of a bone? Or if I can’t, is there any other ways to rotate the camera with a center of rotation at a bone?
This is my code:

loader.load("/models/soldier.fbx", function (playerMesh) {
  const playerMeshRotation = playerMesh.rotation

  playerMeshRotation.order = "YXZ";

  playerMeshRotation.y = Math.PI;


  const head = playerMesh.getObjectByName("mixamorigHead");
  const headPosition = head.position; // this is what i was talking about

Give .getWorldPosition a try, you need to specify a vector3 to feed the result to and use that as your cameras target. Have a read Here