Geometry operations like intersecting in splitting in Three.js

Hey there,

I am coming from a Rhino 3D background and I am currently diving into the wonderful world of Three.js :slightly_smiling_face:

For my project I am in need for some functions (only for 2D problems right now) that do exist in Rhino

  • intersect lines/curves (and split them when intersection occurs)
  • check if a point is inside a shape/geometry or not

Maybe someone has already coded one of them or know if they are already implemented in Three.js against my knowledge?

If not, I’d try to code them from scatch by myself and we could share or work for the help for any other function.

three.js more a graphics library than a modeling library, so these types of operations are not built in. But various other packages made for three.js might help, for example:


Yeah I know, but modeling software is often connected with licensiation/autentication so I thought maybe this could be worth a try :wink:

And thank you very much for the mentioned packages :pray:
They look great, I’ll definitelycheck them out!