Geo reference 3D model in mapbox three scene

I am trying to add a 3D model to map box with correct geo location. I have created a cad model in Rhino 3D and would like to save that as a file and upload it to the correct position in map box.

I can export the file in a lot of formats. I was thinking .obj to start with. Or any other ideas here?

Once I have the file I would like to upload it to the correct position in mapbox. The cad file it self has a reference point in SWeref99 system.

Is there a good way to upload the file to a correct location via mapbox api? Any ideas how to do this? I have been investigating threebox but I am looking for more options since I have built other parts of my code base in a specific way. I already have a scene with three objects and I would like to add my model to the same scene