Game of Phones - Interactive 3D Scavenge huntvideo

WE are Reflektor Digital!

While the majority of people were on shopping sprees during winter holidays, our team developed an immersive scavenger hunt game just in 5 weeks :smiley: of Phones link

Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt trivia game in T-Mobile’s virtual Holiday Metaverse. Navigate a 3D world, interact with T-Mobile exec volumetric holograms, and answer questions for a chance to win prizes. Latest tech ensures seamless experience on mobile, desktop, VR.

Over 200K people played this game over the winter holiday season

Could you guess how much the entire experience weighs? it’s probably way more than you think!

It’s just 55 MB and consisting more than 150+ furniture object! We optimized models and textures. We implemented lazy loading techniques and custom-built secret engines to make it fast, seamless, and easy on data usage, so users can play anywhere without worrying about draining their mobile data plans.

For business inquires

If you are a creative Developer and interested working with us, send your examples of works and CV

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Nice! It was too magentish for my taste, but magenta is your brand main color, so it’s OK. What are your plans for a game for the next winter holidays?

– Pavel

yeah, this is literally a magentaverse! :wink: