Galaxy Hustle, travel the galaxy

The Galaxy Hustle homepage is fully 3d using 3js. Some interesting facts: each planet is actually a voxel volume rendered using a custom raytrace shader.

This page also features sprite effects with on-card physics.

It can run well on top-end phones, but is resource intensive.

If ANGLE fixes a bug in rendering to 3D textures on direct3d, I’ll be able to run the planetary simulations and editing tool too!


Looks interesting. I like the fact that you’ve overengineered the heck out of it :smiley:

Also - clicked on a planet, the app crashed:

Overengineering is relative- I’ve got big plans! :smile:

I think I found the race condition that caused the error you were getting. Any chance I can get you to check it out and confirm on your end @Usnul ?

Thanks for taking a look!

Had a quick check - didn’t crash. Well done :slight_smile:

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