Freelance web dev (3D website for music artists)

I’m looking to start a website where you will be able to interact with a 3D graphic (click on them to download files). It is intended to help musicians to find free samples uploaded only by me and my fellow music producers.

The idea is essentially to have a screen similar to the following image:

Except instead of the globe, it will be a 3D model of each producer who will upload samples. (these are already made)
And the particles orbiting the object will be clickable, and lead to a sample that you can download.

This project has not been started, and as I have no knowledge in web dev any advise on what I will need / who I should contact would be hugely appreciated, as the website will need to be built from scratch.
I have never coded or made a website before, only used website builders but they have never met the standard of what I have in mind. (so if this project is over ambitious please let me know)

thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @reeveh
Congrate for your first post.
I’m very happy to send this proposal for your first post.
I’m a dedicated Three.js developer with high skills and experience of 6+ years. As a senior 3D web developer, I always think how to create the new one and have developed dozens of 3D websites.
I have a full experience in globe website with thousands of particles and so I’m very confident to deliver this project with high responsibility and experience.
I’m ready to dive into your project and promise I will do my best for your website.
I look forward to good news from you.
This is my contact info.


skype: live:.cid.d3953209a5266c9a

Best regards

Hello, How are you?
I am very confident in your project since I have rich experience in Three.js.
I am sure you will be satisfied with my work.


As a senior developer with hands-on experience in 3D graphics web development, I can help you.

This is my portfolio site. If you take a look at my work and feel that I could work with you, please DM.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Hey, I built something not too dissimilar for the Space Force to track satellites if you want to take a look at my website: DANNY WOODFORD

Excuse my username haha I actually do know what I’m doing

Also, I can do some animated/interactive stuff as well like the intro I made for that project:

@adamlim2023 .
I was surprised to see your portfolio
Your site is very similar to my friend David’s site.
I think you duplicated his site.
Please see this site. 2
I hope you no longer use his site.

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Hi there,

take a look at my GalleryNexus project and let me know if something similar would work for you (exhibition links replaced with producer images/models and room customized to your liking). If so, I’d be able to deliver what you need very quickly.

Best regards,

Kari Rauta / Ferrit

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