FOV guide line helper

Hello all,

Can you help me to understand how I can calculate the FOV with the help of line guide ?

I have find an application using this solution to determinate the perspective position of object insert :


Not sure your problem is clear. Do you mean you want to configure a perspective camera so its field of view encloses the red and green points (and thus the lines between them)?

Thanks to answer.

No, In fact I want use theses guides lines to determinate the FOV camera perspective.
It’s like an helper system. We can find this solution on Sketchup Software too. It’s a classical solution used the determinate the perspective of a picture.

After this step, It will be easy to insert an object inside the scene directly with the good perspective.

Example :

See the result of insertion object inside de the scene after good position of guide line hleper.

Did you get to a solution for this?

No. we working on it.
It’s a mathematical problem …