Fly through pages beginner question

Hi there,

I have an application from an offline installation, created in v4 (a visual programming language), which I would like to integrate into a vuejs html page.

So far I have only used three.js for background effects on kiosk terminals, so I have little experience with many features. For this reason, the question of how best to proceed.

It is about 30 pages of headline, image, HTML text, which are transparently placed one behind the other on the picture screen. little space look. the foremost is sharp, 2-3-4 sides are still blurred to the rear.

The user should then be able to zoom through these pages with the scroll wheel. Is there an example of this, camera animation with the mouse wheel,

Another point is whether I can pre-render HTML text as texture, that would make it much easier to update the content.

And of course, is there a shader with a nice DOF bokeh?

I would be happy to get some tips from you guys.

DOF examples: three.js examples