Flow types definitions

Is the library eventually going to have Flow definitions? WOuld be very useful on Sublime Text for complete IDE features…I have found Typsecript defs (unsupported), does anyone have the skill to convert that?

Many thanks

These types of peripherals are almost always community-supported. For instance, TypeScript has a ThreeJS definition repo here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@types/three with about 17 contributors… what do you mean TypeScript defs are unsupported?

Flow-Typed is behind on this because of its lower adoption rates (TypeScript has 2,818,984 weekly downloads, vs Flow-Typed 85,458), so it’s going to take a Flow-Typed enthusiast to start writing definition files. You could get the conversation started on their issues page, and maybe start writing the definitions yourself!

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Right, the typings are community-supported. It seems like it should be possible to programmatically generate Flow types from the TypeScript typings? e.g. https://github.com/joarwilk/flowgen

I tried the tool, but due to my complete lack of Typescript knowledge, I wasn’t able to go through successfully. That was my plan originally: to simply convert the TS annotations to Flow.