Is Three.js completely compatible with typescript at this stage? (as of 24th of October 2022)

I know that’s potentially a hard question to answer because of the endless amount of modules and extra add on’s which have been built. but would someone be confident enough to say that three.js is about ~95% compatible with typescript at this stage?

I’m thinking about making the switch, but still have concerns about compatibility issues.

do you think some old modules that were built for Javascript would be easy enough to convert? I’m guessing for most cases it’s a few calls here or there that need to be changed to fit the typescript commands, I’m sure I could change those manually as the issues came up.

Nothing in three is typed ootb because TS has been removed by the maintainers. There is @types/three which is a community effort, it’s good, sometimes lags a little behind.

Lots of people are using @types/three (including me). Sometimes the types need updates, but that’s the nature of third-party types, if you’re comfortable with TypeScript then this should be manageable. Many TS projects will end up using one or more third-party types from the @types/* repository at some point.