Flip between DIFFERENT spritesheets?

So I am using Sprite Mixer, the awesome Spritesheet animator for Three.js created by the awesome @felixmariotto ( Please visit & sub to his github if you use this & give this project on github a star ). I was wondering if is possible a demo can be created for the flipping between not just animations on the same spritesheet, but 2 or more different sprite sheets simultaneously? Like say I’m walking & then I switch to idle which is all on the same sheet & then I switch to a sword attack with an entirely different spritesheet as the size of the sprites on here would increase due to the positioning of the sword on the player in the 2nd spritesheet.

If you want to use another texture, then you should make a new ActionSprite from this new texture.
Your character will be a THREE.Group, to which you add the various ActionSprites containing your character’s sprite sheets.
When you move your character, you change the group’s position. When you need yo switch between sprite sheets, you toggle the ActionSprite’s visible property.
To answer your next question : yes, I understand that you would prefer that the library handle the texture switching. But this is a feature that I don’t need and that in my opinion few people would need, so I don’t plan to add it anytime soon. However, feel free to add it yourself to the library.

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@felixmariotto : How would I show the CURRENT spritesheet & hide all the other sheets? I can’t think of it. That would solve this.

That’s quite basic JS… You put all your ActionSprites in an array, and you write a function that loop through this array to set visible=false everywhere, then set visible=true on the sprite you are interested about…
It could be an excellent idea for you to read this book about general JS programming