Firebase Firestore for 3d models

I can’t load my 3d model because it can’t be found in my pc, so I’m trying to upload it in Firebase Firestore. I uploaded it there, but I’m getting an error with Cors. I folowed a tutorial to solve this but I couldn’t. Any tips to resolve this, or another alternative?

Btw, I have tried to create an http server with npm too, but I get an error because my application is using https.

You can start chrome with a command to allow CORS. For firefox there are plugins that do the same. Safari has a build in option already available under developers

If your models arent found on your pc (404) using a local server, its most likely that you’re using the wrong path.

Need more info and code examples to help you tho

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Cool. Just finding out about this plugin for Firefox now.
While it is great for development locally…
Do you think it may cause a blind eye to whether users not using it would still get cors errors?

Normally you’ll have a website that makes http requests to a server to get its information or whatever. The server will respond with the CORS, because your websites domain is unknown to the server. So you have to configure your server and tell him, that if the request is coming from a specific domain, allow it.
In your case that server is Firebase. So you gotta look in the docs/internet how to allow CORS in Firebase. This is probably easy to do, but I never used Firebase sry