Find corner vertices of the plane

Could you please tell me the how to find corner vertices of the plane.

without a subdivision every vertex of the plane is a corner vertex

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That is only single plane. Iam not doing any subdivisions @makc3d

Assuming this is a three.js mesh based on a THREE.PlaneGeometry(), you’ll find the vertex coordinates in this array:

The array is filled in chunks of three values (per vertex), ordered x, y, z

Rright, but without any subdivision you should get only 4 vertices (= 12 numbers), and all of them are corners, @Phani_Devisetti

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How did we know which corner is top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left

The concept of top, bottom, near, far, left, right can take up different meanings, depending on which direction in space you’re looking from.

Please specify.

Actually i have to find out every corner vertices of the plane

It looks like a footprint / bottom of a shoe.

You still need to define the coordinate system to use.

As depicted, the heel would be called “bottom” and the toe would be “top”.

In real life (person standing upright) heel would be back-facing and toe would be front-facing.

Could you please provide any example how to find or can i use same plane geometry as above you mentioned right.

Sorry, but I won’t do that. I can give you hints as to what to consider. But the processing of those hints and the actual doing is yours.

Okay if you have any hints, please share me.
Thank you


As mentioned, it’s not clear in what coordinate system you want these coordinates. In 3D space? In screen pixels? Or anything else?

Exactly don’t know which coordinate system need to follow.

Actually i have corners of the multiple planes and i am setting the position to every plane. whatever mentioned i followed Plane geometry process. But i getting same data for every plane and check this image.

How to find corners of the every plane.
Whatever i followed the plane geometry process is correct or not.

In 3d space @prisoner849

when I use plane geometry, z values always getting 0. Any idea?

see Object3D’s method localToWorld