FBXLoader with ascii and >7.0

I’m attempting to use the FBX Loader which says that it requires ascii format to be >7.0, but blender will only export in ascii 6.1. What is the best way to get an object into the 7.0 ascii version?

Why are you exporting in ASCII? Binary format will give smaller files.

Well I guess the problem I’m having is that I am wanting to download 3d objects from a server and then render them in a scene based on user selections. I want to store them somehow in state (I’m using react) and I thought maybe ascii would allow me to store it in the local state in the component.

But I’m really just looking for a way to pull 3d objects from a server and store / render them dynamically. But the FBXLoader requires a url, and not the content of the file itself.

I’ve strayed from the original question, but that is my actual problem. How do I save to a temporary file that I can pass to the fbx loader?