FBXLoader: Dat Gui Slider not moving character blendshapes with multiple materials

When I load a character with just one 1 material, everything works with the dat gui sliders. The blendshapes and the bones move fine, the character is showing the movement and everythig is ok…

But, when I load the same character with multiple materials and I move the sliders (bones and blendshapes), the character moves only with the bone-sliders. The blendshape-sliders can be moved, but the character does not move with it.

How can I load a character with multiple materials, so also the blendshapes show the movement of the dat gui sliders. There must be a way to do that…

Thanks for the help

Can you share the model? Perhaps the loader is not setting up the materials correctly.

Ok. Here is the model with multi material and the texture.
Thank you for your response.

Yeah, it looks like the loader is not setting morphtargets = true for multimaterials.

As a workaround you can do this:

loader.load( 'models/fbx/PapageiAlleMat.fbx', function ( object ) { 

    object.getObjectByName( '3duToonParrotShape' ).material.forEach( ( subMat ) => subMat.morphTargets = true );

    scene.add( object );

OK. Thank you. I will try this.
I deleted the character, because it should not stay in here for to long.

I’ve created a fix for this on Github: