FBXLoader and Transparency Map Texture

I use the newest FBX-Loader and try to import a character with hair. The hair has 2 textures on it (the 2 down there), 1 jpg color map and 1 png transparency map.
Without transparency, everything with the multi material character works, the hair shows up in three.js and everything is ok, but (of course) just the colored mesh with the color map on it.
But sadly, I could not figure out how to put the transparency map into action in three.js with the code information I found inside the web.
Thanks for the help


Isn’t this a duplicate of FBXLoader Texture / Transparency Process?

Please discuss your problem in a single topic if possible.

Inside the topic “FBXLoader Texture / Transparency Process” I have just 1 png texture with transparency on it.

In this topic, I want to use 2 textures for the hair, 1 color and 1 transparency map. Maybe it will look better with 2 textures…

It can be, that this 2 topics are nearly the same (or are the same), its just, I am a little bit stock here at this hair point…

We’re all a bit stuck on this, unfortunately. So far nobody has suggested a solution to this except for setting alphaTest = 0.5 as I described in the other post, and that doesn’t give great results.

Aside from that, I agree with @Mugen87 that this is the same as your other post, so please continue the discussion there.

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Ok. Thanks for the info…