FBX to GLTF models - Scaling issue

So I have some FBX models, and in Maya I can see that their scaling is correct (1,1,1).
Using the gltf-pipeline with draco compression set to 10:

   const gltfPipeline = spawn("node", [

For the model in my three JS scene to be the same size as before, I need to scale it up by 1000. (?!)
For it to scale properly in the three-editor I need to scale it up by 100. (?!)

What is the reason for that?

I would greatly appreciate any answers you can provide.

it may be that your unit size in maya is set to cm or mm? three.js units are in meters so you could try setting your global unit in maya to meters to match the unit size, scale everything up 100x and re-export the assets…

you’ll see if units are set to cm in maya…


then a cube exported at scale [1,1,1] (or 1 unit) imports into blender at 100th the scale…


this only seems to be when exporting fbx from maya, the khronos GLTF exporter plugin for maya allows you to set the export scale directly.

@Lawrence3DPK thank you for answering ! :upside_down_face: