Fbx model shadows not seen

hi, i’m trying to load fbx model and set shadows, i’ve read a lot of questions in this forum/stackoverflow and i cant find any solution, what i’m doing wrong ?

Are the shadows visible when you use simple primitive shapes - BoxGeometry or SphereGeometry - instead of a complex model?

yes i’ve tried box geo with lambert material and the shadow dont work

In that case consider hiding the model for now - and first get the shadows to work on just the cube, since it’s a bit simpler and it’s the shadows that are at fault.

  1. Why is the depthWrite disabled on materials? Unless you really have a reason to do so - consider not doing so.
  2. Since the sizes in your scene are quite large, make sure shadowMap camera has large enough frustum and near / far values (you can visualise and debug the shadowMap camera using CameraHelper.)
  3. Make sure there’s no AmbientLight in the scene, and that total lights’ power does not go beyond 1.0. While neither is really prohibited, ambient light and total high intensity can make shadows fade or disappear entirely.

A simple example of shadows.