Fbx model loading but not showing

I have a fbx model I am trying to load, console logging fbx gives a valid model, however it is not being rendered on the scene. Checking the dimensions of the model after calling setScalar, they were 2x2x2 meters, and had their center at the origin. So the model should be visibile. It is not however, any ideas on whats going on?
By the way, here is the code:

loader.load("/models/CH15_nonPBR.fbx", function (fbx) {
}, undefined, function (error) {

setInterval(function () {
  renderer.render(scene, camera);
}, frameTime);

There could be many reasons for this. You maybe have no lights in your scene, the camera has wrong transformations or there is a parsing issue with the FBX asset.

Do you mind sharing the FBX in this topic? It would also be helpful to demonstrate the issue in a minimal live example.

I used orbit controls, for the camera, and I loaded my fbx on an online fbx loader, so I think the camera and fbx are good. However, I have a question, do the fbx assets require lights to be visible?