FatLineEdges not affected by composer antialiasing

Hi everyone,

for my project I am forced to use the composer, however, the FatLineEdges simply do not get antialiased when using the composer (default msaa antialisiasing works though).

I tested various antialiasing techniques using the composer:

  • msaa
  • multisampled rendertargets
  • taa
  • fxaa

… basically two thirds of the available aa techniques. Some were not tested yet, because I did not like the quality for thin edges in the demos. But overall it seems, that the fatline edges do not get antialiased by any AA technique used with the composer.

Why is that? Is there any trick to make it work?

Regarding FXAA I do not remember if it worked or not, but for the targeted quality this technique is not good enough anyways.

Also I tried the other technique (fat lines) that was, I think also developed by @Mugen87 and another person whose name I could not find again in the internet. (I olny tried it with a single aa technique and even used the code from the original demo to implement the composer/aa)

I am thankful for any help.

Best regards and have a great week,

I’m surprised even multisampled rendertargets on the composer didn’t antialias them?

Hey manthrax,
sadly no. Everything was antialiased, except these fat lines.

Combined the example with the fat lines and the FXAA postprocessing. Added “fxaa” checkbox in the gui. Works fine:



It might be best if you could demonstrate the issue with a live example that can be modified and tested.

Hey Pavel,

thank you for your answer. Yes, FXAA worked. I tested it again. As I wrote, I really do not like the quality and I would love to be able to also implement other AA techniques.

By now I figured out, that the antialiasing works for the fat lines if the AA pass is added AFTER the output pass, but not all AA passes should be placed there. The taa for example, it works for everything except the fat lines when being placed before the output pass. If it is added after the output pass, then it also works for the fat lines, but it messes up the colors.

Seems I have to stick with FXAA for now.