Factory Model (Help)

I need to design a factory model , design the model with three js editor output json and even I not add orbitcontrols because var player = new APP.Player() , I’m running local live server.

1)Where should I design the model? as a whole ?
2) what should be the output make changes to the model?
3) How do I add text to the model?

Not sure I understand you correctly but designing a model is normally done in digital content creation (DCC) tools like Blender. The three.js editor is just a scene editor. So it’s not intended for geometric manipulations but for compositing the final scene based on various building blocks (e.g. 3D assets like your factory model).

You can export your model to 3D formats like glTF from Blender and then import such files into the editor.

I’m afraid I don’t understand this question, sorry.

There are several options for this. You can use THREE.Sprites or a HTML/CSS based approach like mentioned here: How to implement text labels for a viewer application?

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