Facing issue while creating bounding box around imported gltf scene having several SkinnedMeshes


Wishing you a very happy new year. The idea is to import a gltf model into my scene and enclose all the children object of it inside a single bounding box. In most of the cases, these works without any issue. But in some cases when some of the children are skinnedmesh, bounding box is not covering all the children.

Please try with Test.glb - Google Drive so you can understand the issue. Even the issue can be seen in Three.js Editor too.

Also I can not raycast it correctly.

Can you please help me to sort out? I have already read about having manual bounding box or/and frustumCulled=false of skinned mesh and I need to load models dynamically sothat can not manually define the Bounding Box.

Can I get some help please?

A search for “skinned bounding box” returns this discussion; maybe that will help.