Facing camera rotation issue in 3D panorama scene

I am facing issue in rotation. rotation is working smoothly only for one of the side.

I am using OrbitControls.

I have tried ArcballControls & TrackballControls. but didn’t worked.

Thanks in advance

I have added following code to identify drag or click event correctly. previously even with drag mouseClick event was considered.

let isDragging = false;
let mouseDownPosition = new THREE.Vector2();

renderer.domElement.addEventListener("mousedown", (event) => {
  mouseDownPosition.set(event.clientX, event.clientY);
  isDragging = false;

renderer.domElement.addEventListener("mousemove", () => {
  isDragging = true;

renderer.domElement.addEventListener("mouseup", (event) => {
  const mouseUpPosition = new THREE.Vector2(event.clientX, event.clientY);
  const distance = mouseUpPosition.distanceTo(mouseDownPosition);
  if (distance < 3) {
    // Considered a click
  } else {
    // Considered a drag

still facing same issue.