Three Js Issue in Scene Rotation

Hi all, I’m facing an issue in rotation. The object is rotating completely in horizontal , but in vertical (Up-down) it gets stopped. Someone help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

This object is not rotating - it’s the camera orbiting around it. Assuming you’re using OrbitControls - they are limited in terms of polar angle (ie. they cannot go upside-down.)

Fixing it is as simple as using Trackball or ArcballControls instead of OrbitControls.

Ok . I’ll try. Thanks for your response.

But, Is there any way to achieve this using OrbitControls?

Nop, OrbitControls adjusts the camera to always have upwards direction pointing in the same direction as the .up vector. ArcballControls are basically OrbitControlls without that limitation.

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Oh ok. Thanks for your information. :+1: