Extracting vertex data from rvt or rcs files

Hi All, I am trying to figure out how to render vertex data from either an rvt or rcs file (Autodesk Revit files) using Three.js. I have seen the following resources that seem related:

  • RvtVa3c A JSON exporter for Revit (javascript)
  • pyRevit A Revit development environment (Python)

Before diving more deeply into these or searching about more, I wanted to ask folks in the Three.js world–have any of you ever wanted to extract vertex data from Revit files (specifically rvt or rcs files)? How should one approach this task? I’m just looking for 3D vertex data, e.g. as stored in a big JSON array. Any pointers would be super helpful!

Is it a text format? If so, it could be a matter of minutes to extract the vertices.

Sharing a small file sample could help here (in the repos you posted I see 30 MB zips)

Thanks for your follow up. There are sample .rvt files here. They’re all binary :confused:

I’m sorry, that’s the problem with closed formats.