Extract extruded shape positions

Hi, I’ve extruded shapes from SVG data. Please find the codepen here: https://codepen.io/cwee/pen/yLwbQWQ

I would like to know how to extract the positions of the shapes in the scene? Ideally, I would want to make the shapes into snapboxes. So I would need to render a cube ontop of each shape at the exact positions.


After line 64 of your codepen:

const shapeBox = new THREE.Box3();
const position = new THREE.Vector3();


Thanks for the help!

However, it still doesn’t seem quite right. I’ve simplified some things over in this code pen:https://codepen.io/cwee/pen/bGZrbBJ.

I created a cube in the scene and set its positions similar to the positions of one of the extruded shapes. What could be wrong?

Thanks again!