EXR image fails to load


I am generating EXR images with Houdini, to be used as vertex animation textures. A problem I encountered is that while the files seem valid (I can read them back in Houdini), the EXR loader sometimes fails to read them.

The error I get is “Uncaught invalid zlib data”, with three 125.1.
The error was similar (just with a different error message) with three 124 when the EXR loader was using inflate.js.

Here are 2 live examples:

Looking forward to hearing if anyone has any idea if I should load this exr differently or if the solution is somewhere else.

/ping @sciecode

I’ve run into this before, and a quick workaround is to read/write the EXR file from imagemagick:

convert a.exr b.exr

After that it will work with EXRLoader, I think. Certainly it would be great to support whatever part of the EXR spec is missing from EXRLoader though.

Good luck with the VAT animation, and I’d be curious to see how things turn out!

ah, amazing, that works! I love easy solutions like that, thanks a ton for your help and your quick reply, @donmccurdy.

And I’m quite keen to share the result, although it’s for a client project, and I’m not allowed to share anything too specific until it’s actually released, unfortunately.

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