Exporting a single GLB from a group to the cache to be loaded to <model-viewer>'s src=url

I am trying to find a way to pass a group of glbs (as a single glb) into the framework. I’m configuring a 3D model in three.js with different glb models, then adding them to a group. Currently I’m able to export this as a single glb to my local files (using GLTFExporter). However, needs a url for its “src” to show models in AR (the end goal of this). Is it possible to pass the model in via Cache or saving it to the browser - or will I have to upload the model to a server or Firebase to retrieve it as a URL in . Thank you

You can get an Object URL for the ArrayBuffer returned by GLTFExporter, and pass that to model-viewer:

const blob = new Blob( [ buffer ], { type: 'application/octet-stream' } );
const url = URL.createObjectURL( blob );

// ... later, after model-viewer loads ...
URL.revokeObjectURL( url );

Great, thank you for the fast response. I will give that a go now.