Experienced WebGL/Tree.js developer needed

We are looking for a very experienced engineer to work with us on an experimental art project.

This task is really only suitable for very experienced and highly skilled developers / engineers :slight_smile:

Hello, I am a front-end engineer with an expertise in threejs and react.js
I am confident with mesh operation and shadermaterials based on glsl program.
Looking forward to working with you. My gmail is donnie92723@. skype is live:.cid.61a0370934edef51 Please get in touch

Hi Donnie.
I am sending you the tasks that I have to assign. There are 3 milestones. Not all of them have to be realized, but most important to me would be milestone 1. What do you think is this achievable?



WebGL Specification.pdf (245 KB)

Thank you for responding. I think we can get the abstract mesh by customizing the extrude class and using some shaders. Let’s get started.
Best Regards

Hello There,
Have gone through your requirement regarding I have skills what you looking for is this job

please feel free to connect so that we can discuss further regarding project.

You can reach me at bellastone[dot]tis[at]gmail.com

Skype- live:bellastone_5

Thank you for your interest.

Do you have any WebGL references that I could look at?

Thank you in advance.

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