Examples HTMLMesh dispose texture

Hey! Im trying out the HTMLMesh from the VR Example for my project.

I noticed heavy lags, after instanciating multiple meshes. Im trying to dispose the HTMLMesh, because I only need them temporarily.

When disposing the texture, the following error occurs.

    if(this.obj.parent) this.obj.parent.remove(this.obj)

    this.HTMLMesh.material['map'].dispose() // <- Error occurs here

ERROR TypeError: event.data is undefined
dispatchEvent HTMLMesh.js:54
dispose three.module.js:1648

Im bypassing the error by returning the function on ‘dispose’ event.

dispatchEvent( event ) {

	if(event.type === 'dispose') return // Bypass for Error

	htmlevent( this.dom, event.type, event.data.x, event.data.y );



The lag is remaining tho! I disposed everything else, but the texture.
I really appreciate any help. Im kinda in a hurry, so Im looking for a fast solution. Can be dirty and hacky!
I know this may be a bug and needs to reported elsewhere though.
Gonna do that as soon as I have time.

I noticed, most of the lag is happening during mousemove. I probably need to remove the Eventlisterenes inside HTMLMesh