Envmap stretch problem

I want to create realistic faucet but have a problem on envmap. Envmap not looks like seamless. I t is looks like each part have yourown envmap. Also faucet body envmap stretch much than bottom or top side. How can I create a faucet like sketchfab link.

my faucet:

sketchfab faucet:

envmap code:

new THREE.TextureLoader().load('../../Textures/' + companyId + '/Maps/' + maps.envMap, function (texture) {
            let cloneMaterial = object.children[meshid].material.clone();    
            texture.flipY = false;
            texture.mapping = THREE.EquirectangularReflectionMapping;
            cloneMaterial.envMap = texture;
            object.children[meshid].material = cloneMaterial;
        }, undefined, function (error) {

The following screenshot shows how your asset is rendered at Sketchfab with a HDR environment map using zero roughness and max metalness:

As you can see, a similar result occurs like with three.js. So this is a modeling issue. Not sure how it can be resolved though expect from changing the geometry data.