Environmental map distortion

im getting oddities when i add reflections to the MeshStandardMaterial when i export from blender to glb.

The reflection i want is a continual surface. Any reason why its reflecting and being offset by the geometry? Is basing somehow on UV because face normals look correct. Subdividing mesh didnt work for me either.

here is the blender:

and when i add the envmap to the MeshStandardMaterial i get:

I don’t understand what the problem is. Your window reflections look pretty good in that screenshot!

as a still looks nice,
i may need to add some better pics to illustrate issue

but if you look closely at the arrow they bunch up . So on some The issue is much more apparent when you rotate . The reflection in some parts seem like they are looking at completely different locations. Subdividing the model did nothing

I want it consistent like a sphere. Its happening on other reflections too.

ok so one way i was able to achieve clean refections was to redo the surface so that it had evenly distributed points. Here is what i did . I still find it strange that env maps are effected by the density of points.