Environment map only for specific sides

Having a set of walls that define a closed room, and an environment map, is it possible to have the env map affecting only the external sides of the walls and not the inside?

Not sure what you mean. Can you please provide additional information like a screenshot/image of the expected and actual result?

Basically I would like to have the env map to affect only the external side of my structure, without changing the color of the inside. Hope this makes sense. Sample project attached.


envmap_test.zip (2.4 MB)

I think the easiest way to achieve your intended result is to transform the object into a multi-material object. You can then easily apply the environment map only to the external side.


Ok, I will try. Thanks!

If your environment map can be divided into a cube map this will be easier. There are online tools to do that for you. Just apply the sides of the cubemap you want to specific planes.

Hi @donmccurdy, thanks for the answer. The env map is already a cube map (6 textures), though I am not sure what you mean, these planes should be added on the wall meshes?

Hi! Are you looking for something like this:

This is my very first time when I created something, using modelling software (this time it’s Blender) and exported to gltf :slight_smile: Just followed the advice from @Mugen87 about creating a multi-material object :slight_smile:
It was pure fun :smile:, reading manuals on Blender and exporter from Khronos.
As a base, I took an example of official ones:


Yes, that’s it! I need to learn how to edit the object in Blender and assign a different material to the external side.
Thank you for your example!