Empty animations array when importing GLB model


Previously when I imported FBX models and try to play it’s animations, I simply had to loop through it’s animation array like this:

   setModelAnimation(object, clipName, model_repeat) {
        this.mixer                  = new this.context.three.AnimationMixer(object);
        this.clipAction             = this.mixer.clipAction(this.context.three.AnimationClip.findByName(this.findAnimations(object), clipName));
        if (model_repeat == false) {
            this.clipAction.clampWhenFinished      = true;
            this.clipAction.repetitions            = false;
    findAnimations(object) {
        const animations = new Array();
        object.traverse(obj => {
            if (obj.animations) {
                obj.animations.forEach(anim => animations.push(anim));
        return animations;

However now when I import the same model but in GLB format, the animation array is empty for some reason. But I’m able to play this model’s animations here:

The GLB and FBX model can be downloaded here:

Can someone please tell me how can I play GLB model animations in Three JS if the animations array is empty?


When loading a glTF object, the animations are not attached to a Scene or Group object – they’re in an array called .animations in the response object from GLTFLoader. See the glTF documentation, or the source code for this example.

I’m using the Matterport SDK’s included GLTF Loader. Since they also use Three JS as their base, I assumed that their GLTF Loader would function normally like the default loader. This screenshot is what I get returned when I load the GLB model. Is the animations array within this SceneNode object?

Hm, I have no idea what that is sorry – it’s not what THREE.GLTFLoader would normally return at all.